To expand our current access control solution, we are very excited to partner with TRES. Their line of long range RFID readers/cards and their ability to use many of the toll easy pass & smart tag devices make it a perfect fit for access control solutions.  



   Quality With High Performance, Yet Cost Effective - Transponder & Reader Engineered Systems, Inc. is an RFID development group. With our TRES433 Active and TRES900 Passive UHF products, it is our mission to provide the best quality, high performance and most cost-effective passive and active receiver and tags and credential solutions for our Integrators in a variety of industries.


   From Access Control to Asset Tracking, Perimeter Security to Parking Gate Control we build the products for many of your applications. Whether you have Personnel Tracking or Supply Chain projects, our products do the job you want them to do, “they just perform!”


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   We are very excited to partner with M2M Services to represent their complete line of Security and Fire Rated Alarm Communicators. Their dual cellular units takes the concern out of knowing which one to have. Stock your truck with one brand that will work on either Verizon or ATT.



   Our communicators correspond with our motto - Simplicity. Applied. They are designed to be easy to install and operate. The devices come preconfigured, wiring is simple and intuitive. With our platform we provide you with remote access to the communicators for diagnostics and management, thus saving you precious time and boosting your customers' loyalty with superior response time on support issues. For the most common alarm panels we support UDL - transparent remote programming with the panel manufacturer's software.


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Yale PRO SL locks – Small and Slick



  • Key Free
  • Push Button or Touch Screen
  • Small outside footprint
  • New Black Suede Color

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